Part Loaded Training New Start Date: November 15 2013

The new rules on bringing laden vehicles for driving tests in some categories will now start on 15 November 2013.

You must bring laden vehicles for driving tests in these categories from 15 November 2013:

  • B+E – car and trailer
  • C1+E – medium sized goods vehicle and trailer
  • C+E – large lorry and trailer
  • D1+E – minibus and trailer
  • D+E – bus or coach and trailer
  • You can train in laden vehicles and bring them for test before this date if you wish.

The rules are being introduced in the interests of road safety to more accurately assess the driving of heavier, laden vehicles – which drivers will be in charge of once they pass.

Changes to the load for small trailers
To give more flexibility the load rules for small trailers in categories B+E, C1+E, D1+E and D+E have been changed so that you can use a wider range of materials.

You’ll be able to use either of these:

  • 600kgs of aggregates like sand, stone chippings, gravel or any other recycled material packaged in sealed transparent bags – all bags must weigh the same and be at least 10kgs, and the weight must be clearly stamped on them by the retailer – you must not use toxic materials
  • One intermediate bulk container made of moulded plastic or steel of 1,000kg or 600kg capacity when filled with water

There’s no change to the published loads for categories C and C+E. They are still 5 or 8 intermediate bulk containers made of moulded plastic or steel of 1,000kg capacity when filled with water.